Text to Cards


What is Text to Cards

Text to Cards is a simple Power-Up for Trello that helps transforming your longform texts into neat little Trello cards. It will extract card names and descriptions from your text and add the proper labels, members and due date to the card.
You can create dozens of cards with just one click. Just as an example, this text:
Todo items decided in the meeting:
::Create docs for the power-up
@andrassomi will set up a Gitbook site with a few simple pages
to document the power-up. $due: 2020-02-10
#Docs #Product
::Add board members and available labels to main window
@andrassomi - Board members and labels should appear somewhere on the #UI
to make text editing easier.
will become these Trello cards:
Example card preview in Text to Cards

What's a Trello Power-Up?

Power-Ups are basically external plugins that enhance the funcionality of Trello. Read more about Power-Ups here.

Privacy Policy

When you use Text to Cards, all the processing happens right in your browser. Text to Cards will not rely on any external service except for Trello's API for publishing your new cards. We do not collect or store any kind of personal or anonymized data. All your precious data and private information stays with you and Trello. See our privacy policy
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